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Panhandle Animal Welfare Society shared Lost and Found Pets of Pensacola & surrounding areas's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Donna Robbins Today at 10:08am I can't believe no one in the Navarre area is missing this sweet and beautiful baby !!! She's currently at St. Francis Veterinary Center and they will be adopting her out since no one has come to claim her. This pup was found last week and is at St Francis Vet (850) 936-4446

For everyone that questions why we take donations for food.. this is one of the many reasons. When strays come to us, sometimes they are in need of much more than food and water. ALERT !! ALERT! These are not pretty photos ( please don't check this post out with your children looking over your shoulder. However, PAWS will post updated photos as "Bloomin' " starts to heal). Bloomin' came to us Friday as a stray. She is receiving the medical care she needs and we are able to treat special needs animals because we use donated food to supplement our budget. Donations of food have been requested by the SHELTER for over 58 years. When we have additional money to spend on special needs medical supplies we can give animals like " Bloomin' " our new Australian guest, the care she needs and deserves. "Bloomin" will not be available for adoption for quite some time, but in the meantime, she will be loved and cared for by PAWS. She will once again to be a healthy, beautiful Aussie Shepherd mix. Thank you everyone for the support you continue to give your local animal shelter. Every paw at PAWS thanks you. ... See MoreSee Less

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Wendy BoddieBlooming looks like a lethal white ..have sight and sound been checked yet?1   ·  14 hours ago

Mitra VashiPAWS team, what happened to her? She is gorgeous. Aside from food, is there anything we can do to help her?1   ·  17 hours ago

Yazsha Greene WinesettI would like to buy dog food too. I saw this dog at the shelter the other day. Its so sad. My dog is also missing. What kind of food would y'all like.2   ·  18 hours ago

Caitlin Merry WaltWhat brand of dog food would yall like to have donated? I would love to make a donation :)2   ·  18 hours ago

Wendy LobingierThank you for caring for this precious pup. I hope she heals well and quickly, and can find a wonderful home soon.πŸ™πŸ»3   ·  18 hours ago

Jennifer Marsh CoadThank you for helping her and the others1   ·  14 hours ago

Cheryl Hakenjos MartinezAll you people at PAWS are ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2   ·  16 hours ago

Jane Gillsthis must be the one in animal control1   ·  16 hours ago

Catia HeinzThat poor baby!! Thank you for what you do.1   ·  18 hours ago

Alison BroxsonIs that from allergies? I have a letal white aussie. Her skin is terribly sensitive!1   ·  5 hours ago

Wendy BoddieI want to follow this pups progress, I'm an Aussie enthusiast, please post follow ups1   ·  13 hours ago

Jessica HooverThis just makes me sad I'm glad you are there to take care of her1   ·  18 hours ago

Carole Pines ProsnitzThank you1   ·  18 hours ago

Ellen MurphyOh my lord! Bloomin praying you get well quick!!1   ·  16 hours ago

Mirta Yesenia ManleyPoor baby... hope she heals fast! Thank u for all u do...1   ·  18 hours ago

Mitra VashiThat poor poor baby.1   ·  17 hours ago

Angela Jordan BarryPoor baby. Glad someone is loving on her now. Will be watching to see her progress!!!1   ·  18 hours ago

Cheryl Annoh just hurts my heart..Thanks for loving all of them2   ·  18 hours ago

Tracy Ann WilsonWhat's that on bloomin?πŸ’”15 hours ago

Jeani B. MertensAllergies?13 hours ago

Jeani B. MertensPoor baby! But she's in good hands now14 hours ago

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What a difference giving hearts make. The Shalimar Pointe Country Club residents started a donation drive in their community and yesterday they delivered $ and supplies to PAWS. PAWS UP TO ALL OF THE DONOR RESIDENTS FROM SHALIMAR POINTE COUNTRY CLUB. THANK YOU. ... See MoreSee Less

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Joni ClumI challenge all neighborhoods to do this! Starting with Ferry Park Reesie Bean!2   ·  11 hours ago

Debbie Buongiorne GentWow! Thank you so much!21 hours ago

Pauline BlairGood job! Thanks to Shalimar Pointe Country Club! Let's all do our bit!1   ·  1 day ago

Ellen Reeves MajeedAwesome! !! God bless you....24 hours ago

Jeanette Welch-DionneAwesome14 hours ago

Robin PowersThank you!1 day ago

Mitchael FlahertyThank you so much16 hours ago

Vona HubleyAwesome God bless them.1 day ago

Sherry BassπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘24 hours ago

Jeani B. Mertens❀️❀️❀️1 day ago

Summer GreenAwesome!!22 hours ago

Alisha Younger WhitfieldCarl Kathy Ashcroft1   ·  24 hours ago

Fallon AshcroftSam Thomas23 hours ago

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A great big thank you to the person who brought in some kiddie pools for the pups to play in while in the play yard. They will enjoy them very much, especially in this horrific heat, and we love the nice bright colors. Thank you for your generosity and thinking of the pups. ... See MoreSee Less


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