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Cailie MlynarskiWhat breed are they?9 hours ago

Bradley RichardsonI got to play with one of them over the weekend... absolutely adorable and friendly1   ·  7 hours ago

Rose YoungAww we have a black lab11 hours ago

Rose YoungBreed?11 hours ago

Rose YoungOk. Boys or girls?11 hours ago

Rose YoungHow old are they?11 hours ago

Tina Tongwe wish them well and a furever home asap!7 hours ago

Demetria KanakisSo adorable!! Love my lab mix8 hours ago

Sherry McCleadWish I could11 hours ago

Nicole Dean McLeaish😍10 hours ago

Rachel Lynn Folta3 months7 hours ago

Darcy Enfield"Pinky" says Hi!4 hours ago

Hannah BrownZachary Odom also...11 hours ago

Samantha Nycole SchultzMark Fridman10 hours ago

Kristal EdwardsRyan McMonagle11 hours ago

Whitney HarrisonCassidy Lee Harrison!!!10 hours ago

Brittney FrenchArrie Pruitt1   ·  10 hours ago

Andrea KellyJosh Kelly3 hours ago

Brittney FrenchJake Jeffery Torrance1   ·  10 hours ago

Alongkorn KritnikornBupha Musashi2 hours ago

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Karen McAnneyHe would you know names or ages of stray dogs ? That one ace seems to know it's name well ;how is it a stray?2 hours ago

Dawn SeitzHow old is the husky?12 hours ago

Dawn SeitzBeautiful husky12 hours ago

Rachel Lynn FoltaThat husky is gorgeous he won't be there long!12 hours ago

Rachel Lynn FoltaWoohoo!12 hours ago

Rachel Lynn FoltaThat little butt waggin12 hours ago

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Calling all bunny lovers! We have 4 resident rabbits right now who could use some donations. We're running out of bedding and food. Anything helps. Timothy hay, carrots, pellets, and any other fresh veggies and fruit suitable for our furry friends. Bedding is most important right now, as their cages need to be changed out and cleaned daily and we're quickly running out. You can bring it to us at any time. We're open from 8am-430pm. Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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Ashley StrabalaWhat is their bedding?13 hours ago

Shawna StappAre they up for adoption right now?6 hours ago

Dawn McDonald StuartAre you open on Saturday?1 hour ago

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Junkyard Dog Gift N’ Thrift Shop

The Junkyard Dog Gift N’ Thrift shop is the primary source of funds for humane and adoption services provided by PAWS, contributes some $100,000 annually.

Open Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

179 N.E. Eglin Parkway (across the street from Kmart).

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