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2Teef is still looking for his forever home. He is in a wonderful foster home now but he would love a home of his own.
He is pretty easy going, doesn't mind cats or other dogs. Here is a day in his life from his foster mom.
He wakes up about 7. We go for a walk, then I feed him. He likes to hangout for a few hours and just sleep, he rotates between about 4 beds we have for him lol. Then about lunch time we go for another walk. Then he goes back to napping lol. He eats dinner between 5 and 6. He gets a walk shortly after dinner, and then a longer one close to about 10 or so to tire him out for the night. I do have to keep an eye on him throughout the day, and walk him just incase he has an accident. We've gotten them under control though. He's been awesome with not peeing in the house for a while now. He does sleep in the bathroom at night, just in case he has to use the bathroom. So I put down his water, bed, pee pad, and all that fun stuff. He really just kinda does his own thing. I think he would benefit from a household with other dogs though. He's not real big about getting attention from my husband and I, so some interaction would be great.
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Three Star Wars puppies looking for a forever home. Is that with you?! These puppies have been through so much together. From coming into PAWS with demodex, injured legs and severely malnourished little bodies...they have come so far and recovered in an amazing foster home. They do well with other dogs, children, and were potty trained while in foster care! Please come visit them at PAWS and think about opening up your home for a sweet Padme, Leia or Vader. <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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Amber HainesAwwww so cute! Love the names! I have a Leia & Yoda myself 😃4 hours ago

Dot MidlingPraying they all find Loving, Forever homes.1   ·  11 hours ago

Karen GossettShared1   ·  12 hours ago

Nancy CardenShared12 hours ago

Krysia Haskell😍😍😍8 hours ago

Kathy LytleSWL12 hours ago

Katie AlbiniMark Albini10 hours ago

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