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The objective of the PAWS adoption program is to find permanent, responsible and loving homes for the animals in our care and educate those who want to incorporate a companion animal into their lives. A responsible home is one in which an animal will receive adequate attention, exercise, medical care, food and shelter – a home where the animal will become an integral part of the family.

In practice, we strive to match the right companion animal with the right human guardian. That is the reason for screening the potential adopter and occasionally why we may not allow an adoption to occur.  Please review our Adoption Policies before starting the process.

We always have wonderful, loving animals hoping to become pets in approved homes. Both pure and mixed-breed animals are available for adoption. Adoption fees include the cost of spaying and neutering, initial inoculations, heartworm pre-screen for dogs and feline leukemia testing for cats which are all done before the animal leaves the shelter.

Puppies For Adoption

Puppies 6 months old or younger are $125.00.


PAWS believes in microchipping every adopted animal. It is imperative that we keep accurate records in order for the program to be effective. Therefore, the adopted animals will be implanted with the Bayer Microchip at time of surgery and the microchip number will be entered into our database.

Adoption Hours

Animals for adoption may be visited Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. To adopt a dog from PAWS, the dog or cat must meet with all people living in your home. And if adopting a dog, the dog needs to meet with any other dogs living in your home. We also require that renters bring in proof of landlord’s approval to have pets. Thank you!





Hi, I’m Sadie. I’m a 15 year old, Female, Chihuahua mix. I was surrendered here mid November, with my friend, Buddy, because we were too old. Buddy was adopted right away, but I’m still waiting. Don’t let my age fool you, I still have spunk left, but I need a home with no children. I can sometimes be picky about my dog friends, I always try to be on my best behavior though. I just hope I can find a home with a nice comfy lap or bed to sleep on soon. I do like it here, but I miss having a home of my own. Please come visit me!








Come out and support a great event and get your dog micro-chipped ( the fastest way to have your pet returned home) or current on rabies with a shots offered for only $5.00 from 10am until 1pm.   See you there


Hi there. I’m Chance. I’m a 5 year old, Neutered, 🐕Lab/Boxer mix. Did you know that today is National Cuddle Up Day? I’ll be the best at that! I absolutely love❤ soft beds and blankets! I may not be as cute as a puppy or some of the other dogs here, but I make up for it in love❤. I will cuddle all day if I could and get some good belly rubs. I came here beginning of December with another dog, Judy. She was adopted right away. I miss her😢, but I keep busy looking for my new home! I am heartworm positive, but there have been so many nice people who donated to cover my treatment! I just need to find a home so I can start it. I was very, very sick when I first got here, but I keep getting better each and every day. I now trot around the playyard, even though I do just prefer laying on a nice comfy bed with a blanket. I really hope you come visit me today! I hope to find my forever home soon, or even just a foster home, then I can begin my next journey of getting rid of heartworms!







Hello. I’m Ponics. I’m a Male, Lab mix. I’m such a fun, cool guy. I love to run around with my kennelmate. We get along so well. I know how to sit, and probably more, too. I love to get treats or a toy thrown for me. I have loved every single person I have ever met. I just love getting loved on and I’ll return it back. Did you know there is only TWO days left in the black dog special?? That means you need to hurry down to see me, the special ends tomorrow!! I’ll be looking for you! See you soon! 



Hi, I’m Gracie. I’m a Spayed, Lab mix who turns 2 years old in 2 weeks!! My goal is to find a home so we can celebrate it together! I’m a super fun, silly, playful girl who needs to lose a few pounds. I’m another great option to help motivate you for a healthier lifestyle this year! I love to run around the playyard with my kennelmate. She was just adopted, I’ll miss her, but now I can meet a new friend to play with! I also love to play with toys and go swimming. I dive right into the pool and roll around. It’s so much fun!! I was surrendered here mid November, they said I was too much responsibility. At least they brought me to a place where I’d be taken care of until I found a new home. Won’t you come visit me? I’m ready to go home today. We can start my birthday party planning right away!