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We would like to introduce you to some of our wonderful, forgotten puppies & kittens who have grown up here at PAWS waiting for a loving home of their own.


Hey there, folks, my name is Sassy! (And my name fits me to a tee!) I am a super fun, 2 year old female Lab/Bulldog Mix. I had a tough life though before I was brought to PAWS as a stray in early 2013. I was in baaaaad shape then. I had an embedded collar, heartworms, and pneumonia. The people here at PAWS took great care of me and now Iím a completely healthy happy (sassy!) girl. My neck feels a lot better, I no longer have pneumonia, and I'm done with my heartworm treatments. But itís been a long time and I am still here looking for my forever family. I'm a 55 pound girl and will need lots of room to play. I also don't get along with kitty cats or small dogs. Other bigger dogs are o.k. by me Ė I get along great with my kennel mate. I know some basic commands thanks to the volunteers playing with me. I walk well on a harness. But I will need some training. Honestly, up until I came to PAWS I haven't really had anyone to love me. I want nothing more than a forever family. I have so much love to give back. Come to PAWS and meet me so we can be the very best of friends!


Howdy, my name is Phil and believe it or not, I am a PUPPY! Yep! I know I look like a little horse, but I only just turned one year old. At first they thought I was a Labrador Retriever/Bulldog/Boxer mix breed, but now folks are wondering if there may be some Great Dane in me because I keep growing (Marmaduke is my HERO! Chuckle!) I was brought to PAWS as a young puppy and I have grown up here. The littler puppies always got picked for adoption before me. I am a super sweet boy that just wants lots of love and attention - and a real home. I'm not sure quite what that looks like since I only remember living at the shelter, but I just know thereís a family who needs me as much as I need them!! The staff and volunteers have been working with me on puppy training, and I know how to sit for treats and how to fetch. And after play time, I enjoy going for a long walk. Still, itís important that my new family continue with my training....but good news I am super smart!! My most favorite wish is for a family thatís busy and fun like me!! Please come and visit me today. I am here ready and waiting to PLAY!

"Mona Baby"

Psst! Hello? My name is Mona Baby. Iím so laid back and chilled out, people just donít seem to notice me when they come looking to adopt a cat. Because Iím such a good girl, somehow Iíve been overlooked for more than a year. By Christmas time 2013, I will have been here 500 days. (Mind blowing, isnít it?!) I came to PAWS as a stray with a clipped ear (which means that I belonged to a kitty colony.) However my microchip didnít have up to date information on it so PAWS could not contact my owner. The people here have gotten to know me very well and they all say Iím super sweet and mild natured. I just like to cuddle in soft beds and lay around all day. If youíre looking for a calm, loving companion, Iím your girl!


Adoption hours are Monday-Saturday, 10-4 (must be signed in by 3:30). To adopt a dog from PAWS, the dog or cat must meet with all people living in your home. And if adopting a dog, the dog needs to meet with any other dogs living in your home. We also require that renters bring in proof of landlordís approval to have pets. Thank you! FMI: 850-243-1525. PAWS, 752 Lovejoy Road, Ft. Walton Beach, FL


The PAWS Free Roaming Cat Facility

Did you know we have a free roaming cat facility? We also have a large, an active volunteer force who play with and socialize our cat/kittens while they wait for their forever home. 

Please be sure to ask about the special rates we are currently offering for cat/kitten adoptions!


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